AICF organizes 13 international chess tournaments for 2022 and raises prizes for nationals

New Delhi, December 6 (IANS): After signing a new annual sponsor, the All-India Chess Federation (AICF) has held up to 13 international open tournaments across the country as part of a packed schedule for 2022. And to make things attractive for players , the AICF has increased the prize money for all national championships, after successfully arranging sponsorship for all major events.

“For the first time we have a sponsor for all domestic events in the form of MPL,” said AICF President Sanjay Kapoor. “Thanks to them and our other efforts, we will offer attractive prizes in every tournament,” he added.

The AICF signed a sponsorship deal worth Rs 1 crore per year with MPL Sports and hence decided to spend Rs 76 lakh of it as prize money for the various national championships. The prize fund for the senior, open and women’s national championships will see an increase of Rs 10 lakh while the prize money for the junior national championships will be increased by Rs 7.50 lakh.

The year of chess will kick off with the National Junior MPL (Under 20) Championship at the IGI Stadium in New Delhi while Ahmedabad will have the honor of hosting the first international tournament, the Ahmedabad International Open, from 23 February to March 2, the AICF informed him in a press release on Monday.

The biggies, the MPL Women’s National Championship (February 9-19) and the MPL Senior National Championship (February 9-21), will be held simultaneously in Bheemavaram in Andhra Pradesh and Kanpur, respectively. The National Senior MPL Championship in Bheemavaram will have a total prize money of Rs 30 lakh while that of the Women’s event in Kanpur will be Rs 25 lakh.

Indian teams for all major world championships in the year 2022 will be selected from these events.

“These are exciting times for Indian chess,” said AICF secretary Bharat Singh Chauhan. “Our players, coming from the under-8 category, will have multiple opportunities to show their talent and get noticed.”

The other international tournaments will be held in Pune (March 4-11), Guwahati (March 13-20), Delhi (March 22-29), Kolkata (May 21-29), Bhubaneswar (May 31-June 8), Visakhapatnam ( June 10-18), Bengaluru (June 20-28), Punjab (August 22-30), Bikaner (September 1-9), Indore (September 11-19), Chhattisgarh (September 21-29) and Uttar Pradesh (September 1 to October 9).

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