Anand Mahindra: This colorful chess set with dancers wins praise from Anand Mahindra

It was published before the inauguration of the 44th Chess Olympiad. Among the various programs offered by different districts of Tamil Nadu to celebrate the occasion, this video of Pudukottai is going viral online.

It is a choreographed game with dancers in Indian costumes playing the role of chess pieces. The choreography was done by Pudukkottai collector Kavitha Ramu. The video received a tweet from business tycoon Anand Mahindra.

“Superb. Choreographed, I’m told, by Mrs. Kavitha Ramu, Pudukkottai collector. Brings the chess pieces to life in our imagination. Plus, it has authenticity, considering the game was invented in India. Congratulations!”, tweeted the president of the Mahindra group. .

A closer look at the video shared on YouTube would show that this isn’t some insane costume game. The pieces dance – in a mix of classical, folk and martial styles – to set the stage for an opening game. The first dance steps would read as follows: 1.
e4 e5 2.
Nc3 Nc6 3.
a6… Ruy Lopez? Some of you would know better.

Nc3 Nc6 are a pleasure to watch, with the colorful
poikkal kuthirai – from the famous Tamil Nadu folk dance of the dummy horse – replacing the stilted knights. At some point in the game, you may also spot the white castling king.

The best part comes towards the end when the black queen does a hand flip, lines up next to the white king, and pins him with her sword. Checkmate!

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