Andover Chess Club organizes a charity tournament | Community

In an almost silent room in the basement of Saint Augustine Parish in Andover, eight children took on international chess master David Vigorito.

As Vigorito slipped between the chessboards, it only took him a few seconds to complete each game before continuing.

The tournament was a simul, meaning one player plays against two or more opponents. The simulation was organized by Andover Chess Club and was intended to raise funds for the Carroll Center for the Blind. The club has raised $3,600 for the centre, but according to club co-manager Melissa Thatcher, more money is expected to arrive soon from businesses.

The idea for the April 2 fundraiser came from Gentry Thatcher, a 13-year-old club member and son of Melissa Thatcher. Gentry said he singled out the issue because both of his grandmothers had vision problems, one being legally blind.

“It’s an issue that’s close to us,” Gentry said.

The day started with 35 chess players playing against each other, with the top three from three different categories having the chance to play in the simulation.

The tournament was the club’s first charity tournament and Thatcher said she hopes they can do it every year. In a previous tournament organized by the club, Vigorito played against 34 children with similar playing rules.

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