Baghdad International Championship rewards six chess players

Baghdad ( – The Inter Hotel in Baghdad recently hosted the Baghdad International Championship for two days. Following the Swiss chess format, the tournament was in collaboration with the Iraqi Chess Federation, which had a participation of 95 players representing various Iraqi provinces.

Federation President Dhafer Abdul-Amir said in a statement: “The international championship in Baghdad saw a large participation of Iraqi chess champions, which was held according to the Swiss system, with 9 rounds, a time of 3 minutes, and the addition of two seconds for each movement performed cumulatively according to the Fischer system.

The gold medal was awarded to Mustafa Alaa who won in 8 sets and a draw with 8.5 points while Rabie Sabah Nuri won the silver medal with 7.5 points. Muhammad Tariq and Nuri Sabah won the bronze medal with 7 points each.

The gold medal for women was awarded to Yamama Asif who won with 6 points while Zainab Asif Abdullah received the silver medal. Rataj Saad Mohsin took third place to win the bronze medal with 4.5 points.

“The conclusion of the Baghdad Chess Championship saw the distribution of financial prizes to the winners of the top positions, which resulted in the emergence and excellence of a group of players who await a prosperous future in the world of the game,” Abdul-Amir said.

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