Battlecraft is the ultimate combat chess game, bringing original characters and simulated gameplay to turn-based strategy chess

Battlecraft, the fast-paced chess-style strategy game created by Sigil Entertainment is now available for Android and iOS.

The game’s signature feature is that, despite being turn-based, you never have to wait for your turn to make your move. This is because the game has simultaneous play when online. Of course, simulated play has – lately – become a popular and recognizable aspect of online gaming.

Prediction is your ticket to express victory, because it’s all about knowing what your opponent will do next. You will be able to build a team with over 20 different heroes to give you an edge.

You can also earn new abilities, and these can be unlocked in singleplayer. The single-player mode also allows you to level up, which is a good way to prepare for online play.

Battlecraft is unique in that it combines speed, skill, and chess in one package. Strategic approaches may vary per game.

“Battlecraft was born out of my passion for chess. So, with chess as a starting point, I had the idea of ​​having actions played simultaneously on a turn-by-turn basis”, Nikola Todorovic, Founder of Sigil Entertainment said. “That way you get that chaotic, exciting feeling while still having time to think about your choices.”

Todorovic mentions how the game has a rock-paper-scissors feel in that you can think quickly and guess the opponent’s attacks and then strike. You can also choose to play more defensively, dodging attacks before launching.

A presence in the leaderboard helps you come back for more. You can climb the ranks in the online game, and certainly, earning rewards and leveling up solo could greatly help that.

Battlecraft is now available on google play, Steamand the App store. And that’s for the splendid price of free.

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