Bhutanese chess players show ‘good performance’ at Olympiad

Thinley Namgay

Bhutanese men’s chess players drew 2-2 against Palau yesterday at the ongoing 44th Chess Olympiad in Chennai, India.

Bhutan have earned 2.5 points in their six games played so far.

Suk Raj Monger and Bhakta Bahadur Monger won yesterday. However, three players lost to Ghana players.

Bhutan couldn’t win in the first and second games.

On July 30, the women’s team played Malta and Sonam Choden got the first point for Bhutan. She drew against Psaila Uranchimeg, candidate master player, and managed a half point. In a game of chess, the winner gets a point and in case of a tie, half a point is awarded to both teams.

Kenya beat the men’s team on July 30. Suk Raj Monger lost to Ben Namale, who is ranked 1,962 and the second highest rated player in the Kenya Open team, after 69 strokes. The average chess set is 40 moves.

On July 29, Bhutan’s men played El Salvador and lost despite a “good performance”. El Salvador has a strong squad with all four players who are rated masters – three international masters and one federation master.

Team captain Palden said, “At the end of the game, the El Salvador team said that the Bhutan team played very well.”

The women’s team lost to Montenegro on July 29, which had an international master.

Captain Palden said in their first international appearance the women’s team put up a solid performance.

The current tournament follows a non-elimination tournament format that features a fixed number of rounds or competitions, less than the round robin.

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