Bucs’ decision to bring back Godwin and Barrett was a ‘game of chess’

It has been widely speculated that the Buccaneers will permanently retain at least one of their top two free agents after the superbowl. There was no way they could keep wide receiver Chris Godwin and point rusher Shaquil Barrett.

But they did.

Tampa Bay was able to place the franchise tag on Godwin and re-sign Barrett. These were moves that all parties agreed on and now that we think back, it seems like there may never have been any doubt that the Bucs weren’t keeping both.

Despite how transparent it may seem now, general manager Jason Licht says it was a “game of chess” when asked how they managed to retain them.

“All these guys, they wanted to be here at the end of the day, why don’t you? We’re coming out of a Super Bowl, we’ve got the GOAT at quarterback, a great head coach, a great property and a great city,” Licht said on SiriusXM NFL Radio with Bill Lekas ​​and Charlie Weis. “It was a bit of a game of chess deciding what to do there. We wanted to do the move that we thought had the best chance of keeping both of them and it turned out that we got it right and everyone is very happy about it.

Light and Buccaneers fire all 22 starters from Super Bowl roster. This makes them the first team in the salary cap era to do so.

Godwin and Barrett were huge hurdles that they jumped early on to be able to do this.

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