Cheating chess players will be banned for up to 15 years

Joey Villar –

September 8, 2021 | 2:18 p.m.

MANILA, Philippines – Filipino chess players caught cheating will be banned from playing in all online events sanctioned by the Philippine National Chess Federation (NCFP) for up to 15 years.

For the past three months, NCFP chief operating officer (CEO) and Olympiad national team delegation leader Jayson Gonzales have said violators will now be subject to a ban of “no more than 15 years.” in all of its online tournaments.

FIDE had imposed the same sanction on the person in question, who could still participate in NCFP events excessively.

The decision was a consequence of the country’s recent disqualification from the top division of the FIDE 2021 Online Olympiad caused by one of its 12 players breaking fair play rules.

“Before kasi, three months of ban on lang ang. Ngayon susunod tayo is from FIDE, the global governing body of the NCFP, ”said Gonzales, himself a Grandmaster and a former Olympiad veteran.

The NCFP did not identify the specific player or violation although it could have been relying on a chess engine or piloting (coaching) during an online match.

The country has also appealed the decision three times after its first two were dismissed, saying the sin of one should not be blamed on the whole team.

The latter was filed Tuesday evening, on the eve of the start of the first division matches, directly to the FIDE council headed by its president Arkady Dvorkovich himself.

The Filipinos would still have qualified even if the offending player’s total score of 3.5 points had already been deducted.

But FIDE decided otherwise and cracked the whip on the whole team.

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