Chess Club – The Triangle

Written by Amanda Davis, Editor

DAYTON, Tennessee — At 5:00 p.m. every Friday, a group of college students near Mercer’s Common Grounds can be seen assiduously engaged in a game of wits and endurance: that’s the Bryan Chess Club. The faculty member in charge is Dr. Neal Doran, Professor of Biology. The club president is Junior Jacob Caplinger and the vice president is Junior Jeremiah Fears.

The main objective of the Chess Club is to promote the love of chess and to foster a friendly environment where one can learn the game and perfect their skills. Meetings usually involve members playing games of chess against each other. Every month there is a lesson on some aspect of chess strategy. The club is a welcoming environment and the members have a genuine love of the game.

Jacob Caplinger, a young biblical and theological studies student, helped revitalize the chess club and re-establish it as an official club this semester. He encourages students to come at least once and is very interested in teaching people how to play. “It creates a great space of camaraderie with the club and the members that we have,” Caplinger said.

Dr. Daniel Gleason, an associate professor of English and a regular member of the Bryan Chess Club, often brings his sons to the meetings and enjoys the friendly atmosphere. “Chess taught me to think from someone else’s perspective,” Dr Gleason said. He thinks “people can derive camaraderie” from the Chess Club from their shared experiences.

The community and the opportunity to improve her skills is what made Hannah Brown, a double major student in History and Creative Writing, join the Chess Club. “The small community of chess people genuinely want to help each other improve and are very friendly and helpful,” Brown said.

The Bryan Chess Club is always open to new members and is a non-binding club. Students can come to meetings even if they have never played chess and still learn and enjoy the community.

Amanda Davis is a freshman communications student at Bryan College. She is originally from Kansas City and loves to read, write and photograph.

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