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This confinement, chess players seem to have found a new way to chase their quarantine blues. Bhakti Kulkarni, International Women Grandmaster recently won a few online chess tournaments. “I won 1
st in the female category, with a three-minute time check for each player. I had to compete with good players, ”she told us. Since the lockdown, various online tournaments have been held to keep chess players engrossed in the game. Roopa Belukar, the president of Queens Chess who runs online competitions twice a week, tells us about the initiative. “We decided to have these games because chess players cannot go out to compete with others and there is a chance that newbies will decide to quit.”

While Nitish, a chess player tells us that “when you don’t play for a long time you tend to forget about tactics and since you can’t move out, playing online is extremely important. In fact, you are learning and updating your own skills.


Bhakti has won several tournaments, but she tells us that since it’s played online and players are given usernames, it’s hard to judge who is playing against you. “For me it’s a fun challenge and it gives me a chance to try out my theories.” Roopa adds: “There is a small entry fee which is around 50 to 100 for participants. The profits collected at the end of this period will be donated to the
Covid 19 Relief Work Fund. ”

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