Chester County teenager publishes ‘Legal Attack’ book to guide chess players

CHESTER SPRINGS, Pa. (WPVI) — Karthik Murugan is a ninth-grader at Downington East High School who recently became the published author of the book “Legal Attack: Chess an Intellectual Board War.”

The US Open National Chess Champion was inspired to write the book to provide beginning players with a solid foundation. Karthik has been playing since he was eight years old in third grade. He said that when studying the game, it was difficult to find a comprehensive guide.

“I believe that the tactics and the puzzles, and repeating the puzzles, to give them a lot of pattern recognition, is what has helped me the most and is the fastest way to get better at chess” , did he declare.

Karthik is about to be ranked with the prestigious title of Master Candidate. He has played 800 games in 170 tournaments in multiple states over the past six years.

“It was mainly my father who gave me the inspiration to get into chess. He used to play every day. I saw him playing online on his phone,” the high school student said.

He shared how his story is about the 2020 Netflix miniseries, The Queen’s Gambit. Karthik aspires to perform on a global level as seen in the drama.

Legal Attack is sold at major retailers such as Barnes and Noble and online. For more information, visit

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