Chinese chess club to join 3rd PCAP conference

Rick Olivares –

September 21, 2021 | 11:39 a.m.

MANILA, Philippines – Chinese chess team Peng Cheng Checkered Dragons will compete in the PCAP-San Miguel Corporation-Ayala Land Premier Cup.

The chess club was formed in 2005 when the Ministry of Education and the State Sports Administration invited Chinese citizens to play the sport.

Since the days of the formation of the Checkered Dragons, they have spread the gospel of the sport to over 200 schools, businesses and institutions with over 120 coaches working with a huge base of 200,000 citizens in the Shenzhen area.

However, come PCAP, the Peng Checkered Dragons will field Sun Gongjie, Liao Yuhao, Li Tianchao, Rao Enrui, Zhou Yanglechen, Lu Tianwen, Li Xueyi and Chen Bing for the competition.

“We are delighted that a Chinese team is joining the contingents from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand,” PCAP Commissioner Atty said. Paul Elauria. “With a huge base of players to choose from, they will be very competitive. It can only mean getting things done not only for the league, but also for regional chess. “

The first round of the PCAP-SMC-Ayala Land Premier Cup will find the 21 local teams of the tournament competing for the right to qualify for the second round where the four foreign clubs, as well as the leaders of Davao, the team of Philippine Paralympic chess and the junior selection known as the Pampanga Checkers will join the tournament.

“Foreign teams as well as invited local clubs can also win the title of the third conference,” said Elauria during the opening ceremony of the third conference. “It’s like an international pocket tournament that will challenge our local chess players.”

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