competition brings chess players to the Stone School Inn | Cutting Bank Pioneer Press

Tuna McAlpine established himself as the “best player around” on Sunday afternoon as chess enthusiasts gathered for a friendly but competitive chess tournament at the Stone School Inn. Players enjoyed the game on Friday mornings at the Folklore Coffee, honing their skills during the cold winter mornings. Sunday brought them together for an “official” tournament with a table of competitors and snacks.

The organizer, Connor Bridge, was enthusiastic about the turnout. “I knew we had four planning on attending, but somehow it ended up on the radio, so I made sure I had plenty of snacks!” Snacks, however, weren’t getting as much attention as chessboards.

Advertised as open to all ages, the competition attracted six players, half of whom were minors. Tyler Raines, Dillon Peebles and Joe Ramos showed up to face more experienced opponents Connor, Jeff Jaroski and Tuna McAlpine.

“I knew we were going to do something, but I didn’t know what and chaos was about to ensue,” Connor laughed. “Fortunately, an athlete showed up and saved the day!” Joe Ramos, a Valier Panther wrestler, designed the contestant stand and the games began.

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