Consolidation of Payday Loans – What is a payday consolidation?

Friends ask me how I do it, I do not have any loans. Many of them have several of them, and at least some have difficulties in paying off their obligations. What to do in that case? I decided to take a closer look at the topic of payday consolidation.

Sometimes we get into trouble in life. We lose our job or need funds for our own purposes such as renovation, holidays, holidays or a gift for communion or a wedding. As you know, banks are not willing to lend to a person who already has debt. It turns out that there is a rescue for people who have several loans and difficulties in repaying them. If this happens, then it is worth talking to the loan company and asking for a consolidation of payday loans.

What is a payday consolidation?

What is payday consolidation?


A quick loan is sometimes the only solution. However, a payday is associated with higher debt repayment costs. It is also often the case that free non-bank loans have to be repaid in an express short time so that no penalty interest will be charged. And the average earning person simply can not afford it.

In the simplest terms, payday loan consolidation is a combination of all existing liabilities into one, but for more person-friendly terms. The repayment of the existing liabilities takes place, and the indebted person gains one loan with a new interest rate. The advantage of combining several payday loans into one loan (ie consolidation) at this page is to maintain the financial liquidity of the indebted.

When consolidation of payday pays off for the indebted?

When consolidation of payday pays off for the indebted?


There are different situations in life. What to do when you have fallen into a debt spiral and have several or a dozen loans with different interest rates. You also have one payment, from which you have to pay bills, feed the family and pay off these loans. How not to fall into an even bigger channel?

Consolidation of payday loans will be beneficial for you if you negotiate new contract terms that will lower the monthly costs of all your installments. Watch out for loans companies that sometimes offer a small reduction in installments, but in return extend the repayment period, and thus increase the cost of repayment of the loan you bear!

What is worth remembering before you decide to consolidate payday loans?

What is worth remembering before you decide to consolidate payday loans?


If you want to consolidate payday, then:

  • estimate how much money you can spend each month to repay your debt;
  • set attractive interest rates and other consolidation costs for you – the idea is to reduce the interest costs and your entire debt;
  • take care of a longer repayment period – usually, companies propose 3-4 years to repay the consolidation loan;
  • Find out how much the amount of the new loan will be – so that it is not possible that the new consolidation loan that would help you crush you with the amount.

Did you make a huge mistake? You took a few minutes, and now you can not deal with their repayment? Is there a way to get out of the debt loop, pay all debts and have a convenient installment?

The first reasonable solution is to consolidate loans, but otherwise, simplify your life, find an extra job on weekends or one that you can take care of after working hours. Look for unnecessary items that are flattering, maybe they are in good condition? If so, it is worth selling them. You can also ask your family and friends for support. However, the ability to manage the home budget is also extremely important. Remember that there is always a solution! You can get out of the debt loop, but make sure to pay off the loan and not get tempted for the next hour.