Corbin School of Innovation Adds Chess Club to Give Students New Opportunity | Local news

CORBIN – The Corbin School of Innovation continues to find ways to encourage students to get involved in unique opportunities, as the school has added several new clubs that students can join.

“We’re just doing a lot of business here,” said Mark Daniels, director of the Corbin School of Innovation.

The hope is that eventually all college and high school students of the School of Innovation get involved in a club offered at the school.

“We try to provide unique opportunities for students who can get involved and hopefully develop an interest in,” Daniels said. “You want them to participate in positive activities, something that they can take with them and are interested in it. “

One of the school’s newest additions is the Chess Club, sponsored by Daniels himself. As the school was closed during the pandemic, Daniels began to consider the possibility of adding a chess club to the School of Innovation’s growing list of programs.

“I have a great interest in chess,” Daniels said. “I learned when I was 11 or 12, I don’t know how long ago, but I learned it and I always loved it. During the whole COVID period last year, I thought it would be nice to have a chess club, a chess organization, so I researched and there are regional tournaments, tournaments of State, championships and I’m like ‘that would be very, very cool for the students to have available to them.’ So, we just basically whipped it up.

Last week, the school hosted its first ‘club day’ during which middle school and high school students had the opportunity to join any club that might have piqued their interest. Daniels said he had no idea what interest there would be in his chess club, but was happy to see 10 students attending the club’s first meeting which was fortunate for Daniels because he had five chess boards available.

“I had a student who knew a bit about chess but everyone else was in the beginner category, which made it easier for me to say ‘OK, this is how we’re going to do it’,” he said. -he declares. “I just went through some basic moves, identified all the chess pieces and said ‘let’s play chess.’

Although the original idea was for the club to meet only once a month, Daniels hopes the chess club can meet more frequently to bring students to where they need to be to compete with other students in the world. ‘other schools.

“I’m hoping to get beyond the starting stage until they’re able to compete and possibly look at some tournaments that we might be able to take them to,” Daniels said. “It takes practice, but that’s the beauty of chess. It teaches you to think ahead, strategize, and plan, so that’s the great part. It really makes you think. “

Overall, Daniels hopes that the students at the club not only learn to play chess, but remove the basics that come with learning to play chess.

“I think with chess any kind of mental exercise like this is great because it lends itself to math and other areas of content that we teach and it does, you can just see the ‘mind work,’ he said. “You can see them strategizing. Where they can watch a game there are multiple games and a move you make prepares the other person for what they’re going to do.

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