“Did I just lose? xQc wins a game of chess and is immediately demolished by his next opponent

Felix “xQc” was playing chess online in a recent livestream and ended up winning a match by checkmate. However, the second game didn’t quite go to plan.

While talking about the quality of his previous match, the streamer was quickly set up by his opponent. Perhaps distracted by his conversation or his own hubris, the streamer was quickly checked and mate after just four moves.

xQc gets overconfident and blows himself up in a game of chess

(The clip starts at 3:40:46)

A recent xQc stream had some rousing chess matches, where the streamer won by checkmate in a long battle. Cheering on his success, he immediately moved on to another game, his conversation coming to a halt with the fashionable game.

“Yes! Yes! I am a mathematician! It was analytical!

As the streamer sang of his victory, the next match had already started and the cat said he had already slipped up. Insisting that he hadn’t cheated, the current game was over before it even started. The player with the white pieces had already moved his queen into position, and xQc missed every chance he had to get out of the position he was in.

Moving a tower, he continued to talk about the previous game. The game continued as Felix spoke, and he continued to let himself be put in a dire situation.

“Guys, it was math! Wait, is that checkmate? did I just lose? Wait, wait.

xQc finally realized that the enemy queen was in line with their king, and all the other player had to do was take a pawn. At this point, if the streamer was to take the enemy queen, her bishop was there, to create another predicament – checkmate.

The defeat screen appeared and xQc just stared helplessly at the screen while his chat spammed OmegaLul’s emotes.

Reddit sheds light on streamer’s loss to Twitch

Naturally, the LiveStreamFails subreddit had a lot of fun at xQc’s expense, mocking the streamer with memes. What was happening in the match was clear to everyone except the streamer, who was too focused on the previous match.

A few people talked about the game itself, saying that the streamer had time to fix the issue it was in, but didn’t see it. Félix had several opportunities to at least checkmate then checkmate, but instead of making the right moves, he blundered and lost.

A Redditor mocked the streamer for having a rating of 1,000 on Chess.com, but was still hit with Scholar Mate, which is a way for a player to defeat an opponent in four moves in chess.

It looks like Felix could use a coach, and Reddit suggests Hikaru might be able to coach him and improve his chess skills. After all, Hikaru is a chess grandmaster. There’s a lot of knowledge he could pass on to someone like the Juicer.

It was a hilarious moment in the stream, where he went from being a conquering chess hero. Although Felix was hit with a very quick checkmate, it was incredibly entertaining for his audience and his fans.

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