Enjoy breakfast at Memphis Chess Club in Tennessee

There are many old school eateries and eateries located throughout historic Memphis, TN, and it’s heartening to recognize that the city merges historic and contemporary places so perfectly. Memphis Chess Club is perhaps one of the best examples of the past meeting the present, and it serves as both a full-service cafe and the home of the local chess club. Founded in 1877, the Memphis Chess Club has long been a part of the community, and its revamped space caters to chess enthusiasts and board game enthusiasts alike.

The Memphis Chess Club is a great place to spend the afternoon, whether you’re looking for a game of chess or a slice of pizza with a side of a board game. You can find out more about the famous Memphis Chess Club on its official website or on its Facebook page.

Address: Memphis Chess Club, 195 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN 38103, USA

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