Excitement reigns as chess players return to Summer Knights tournament – The Madison Record

MADISON – Chess often has a subdued and stoic atmosphere, but the player rooms were filled with energy during the Summer Knights 2021 chess tournament.

“We were so excited to host our first speedboat tournament of the school year,” said Ranae Bartlett. Bartlett is executive director of the Madison City Chess League. “We want to thank everyone involved in launching the 2021 chess season, especially our volunteer tournament directors and coaches.”

“Many thanks to Rainbow Elementary for hosting this event,” Bartlett said.

* K-12 Open Section – Victor Lundy won first place, followed by Jethro Jones, second; Andrew Yang, third; Artem Starenki, fourth; Nirvana Rajbhandari, fifth; and Zachary Calinsky, sixth.

* Section K-12 Under 1000 – Caroline Wang won first place. Sophia Jerez, second; Kylie Zou, third; Parc Isabelle, fourth; Esteban Jerez, fifth; Andrew Park, sixth; Kate Meyer, seventh; Jacob Nouveau, eighth; Jason Park, ninth; Noah Hsu, tenth; Christine Yang, eleventh; Sahithi Mynampally, twelfth; Tim Lee, thirteenth; and Samsara Rajbandhari, Top Female (This award is given to the girl with the highest score who has not ranked otherwise.).

* Section K-12 Under 500 – Jaxon Kimberly won first place. Andrew Tkach, second; Anna Ai, third; Jimmy McHugh, fourth; Arush Sharma, fifth; Cooper Meyer, sixth; Emerson Phillips, seventh; Lewis Washburn, eighth; Isaac Doyle, ninth; Mason Park, tenth; Sean Rowe, eleventh; Daniel Tkach, twelfth; Ellie Chan, thirteenth; Ryan Quansah, fourteenth; and Abigail Barbre, best woman.

* Section K-12 unranked – Jackson Martin ranked first. Lily Harper, second; James Cairns, third; John Chen, fourth; Nathan Chiu, fifth; Ryan Phillips, sixth; Aaron Chen, seventh; Abby Chan, eighth; Ryan Milburn, ninth; Alex Dyer, tenth; and Tyler Dunham, eleventh.

* Unrated K-6 Section – Genji Niinom was the first player. Vedanth Siva, second; Joshua Major, third; Jack Phillips, fourth; Caden Hott, fifth; Victor Stephenson, sixth; Arend Hall, seventh; Hudson Clemmons, eighth; and Tejas Iyer, ninth.

* Section K-3 unranked – Milan Malak won first place. Tyler Pysh, second; Grason Riddle, third; Lucas Osipychev, fourth; John Park, fifth; Charlie Saulters, sixth; Elliott Poole, seventh; Ishaan Kishor, eighth; Zachée Coduti, ninth; Lucas He, tenth; Yuito Oda, eleventh; Allison Tubbs, twelfth; and Saisha Iyer, best woman.

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