Flash loan – Borrow money without BKR registration

The fastest is the flash loan.


A flash loan is the same as a mini loan , a loan credit , or an emergency loan , and a way to borrow quickly. You can borrow money quickly with this method, and I’m not talking about 10 euros. You can easily borrow up to 750 euros quickly, that’s no problem with a flash loan. It is indeed very fast indeed, it is often deposited on your account within fifteen minutes. It is a way of borrowing money without BKR testing , because providers of flash loans do not look at your BKR coding at all! This is because such a loan must be repaid within 31 days, while one of the conditions for a loan with BKR is:

  • The borrower must have had access to the credit for at least 3 months

This is not the case with a flash loan. That is why providers of mini-credits can not even become a BKR participant . The term of the mini credit is simply too short.

To be able to use a flash loan, you must first register on the website of a flash loan. You must then enter and verify your mobile phone number. Then you can quickly borrow money by means of a text message. Do not forget that after a month you often have to pay back the borrowed money, for example against an interest rate of 20%. They often do not even call this interest, but ‘treatment costs’.

‘Treatment costs’ flash loan

The reason for these high treatment costs can be explained by the short term. Because the term of a flash loan is so short, providers of flash loans can not become participants of the BKR. That is why they can not register ‘difficult customers’, but they can not test customers. Because they can not test at the BKR, the risks are also very large. Customers can knock on the door with a BKR A2 code . These customers make the money problem even bigger for themselves and often also ensure that they can not pay back the mini-loan. That is also not good news for the providers of flash loans, which in one go (up to) 750 euros are lost. Therefore, these high treatment costs have to be asked, the risk for these companies is enormous.

Risks of a flash loan

Not everyone with a negative BKR registration has BKR coding A2. There are also people with BKR coding H, which means that the backlog has been restored. These people want to borrow money, but they can not do that anymore because they have a BKR coding. They do not have financial problems. They sometimes want to borrow money, or even borrow money quickly. They also need to borrow money without BKR testing because they have a BKR coding H. These people can also qualify for a flash loan. But a BKR coding H does not mean that you no longer have financial problems. It does not mean that you should immediately try a flash loan.

There are also often alternatives. You can try to quickly borrow money from family or friends. You can give them a call, after which they can sometimes also transfer the money quickly. A plus is that you do not have to pay ridiculously high ‘treatment costs’. Furthermore, you often do not have to deposit the money quickly. A downside is that your family knows that you may have financial problems.