Games n More owner Nic Drage launches new chess club in Orange | West Central Daily

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A renewed interest in chess sparked by the 2020 Netflix hit The Queen’s Gambit led an Orange business owner to start a new chess club. Nic Dragage of hobby store Games n More said the miniseries about a female chess prodigy has put the game in the spotlight. “We had a lot of people coming up to us asking ‘is there a place in town we can play?’ so we felt it was the right time,” he said. The Color City Chess Club will be held fortnightly from 1-3pm on a Saturday afternoon at the Games n More store in the Orange Central Square shopping center The first meeting will be Open to all ages and skill levels, the club will match people with similar skill levels, who can then sit down and play on one of the eight boards available.Mr Drage said the beauty of chess is that unlike so many other other competitive sports, natural talent was not a prerequisite to reach an elite level.” So if you want to go to the Olympics as a sprinter, you have to be naturally gifted to make it happen. “Whereas in chess, anyone can become good enough to be a grandmaster. With enough study, practice and dedication, anyone can reach the highest level.” Mr Drage said the club would also be offering young players the chance to hone their skills for the NSW Junior Chess League winter tournament in Orange on July 16. ?


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