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MADISON — During summer vacation, the girls of the Madison City Chess League take advantage of the free time to socialize with their peers and continue their commitment to learning more about the game of chess.

“When I ask our daughters what they love most about chess, they tell me, ‘Hanging out with my friends.’ So we’re creating opportunities for girls to do just that this summer – and sometimes those events involve playing chess,” Ranae Bartlett joked.

Bartlett is executive director of the Madison City Chess League.

During the week of June 5, with Summer Chess Camp underway, the league launched the Girls Chess Club Summer Events. The girls met to play putt-putt at the Insanity Complex in Madison.

“We have lots of fun activities for our Girls Chess Club members this summer. Some events are free and some have associated fees,” Bartlett said. To book a summer event, girls must have a current MCCL membership.

For their next event, the girl group hiked Rainbow Mountain on June 18. MCCL coach Sarah May led the girls on the Rainbow Loop Trail.

On June 26 at 2 p.m., players will gather for the All Girls Monthly Chess.Kid Tournament. “We host a monthly Girls Chess Club online tournament on the last Sunday of each month at It’s another way for girls to improve their chess skills after summer chess camp” , Bartlett said.

Their schedule includes a Trash Pandas baseball game on July 6 at 6:35 p.m. The Girls Chess Club will start the game with the honor of “First Pitch,” Bartlett said. Their next activity will be Movie Night at Cineplanet 15 on July 13 at 6:30 p.m. The girls will choose between “Minions” and “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

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