Help us finance a chess club

Hello everyone,

National Master Bilgen and Gensay Sazci here. We are asking for your help to be able to rent a location to host our courses and tournaments. We also want to form a chess club for our community.

Seven years ago we moved to Millburn, NJ. During this period, we graduated from high school and university. We have worked with over eight after-schools, providing our chess program. We have taught over 1000 students, some of whom are on the national team. Chess is a fun game that teaches a lot about virtues, managing emotions, logical and abstract thinking, planning, problem solving, etc. We believe that raising children is the most important investment in our future and we are happy to teach chess. knowledge and life skills that are closely related to this game. With over 19 years of chess experience and seven years of professional teaching experience, we have had the chance to share our knowledge with our community. More details about us and everything we do can be found here:

Over the years we have organized free chess meetings, where children meet to play chess and have lectures from us. We had many free sessions in our beloved Taylor Park and the greater Millburn/Short Hills area to introduce this game to beginners. In addition to teaching at various schools, we hold official United States Chess Federation (USCF) rated tournaments with a reasonable turnout (20-30 participants) every two weeks. Sourcing labor and purchasing tournament supplies usually barely allows us to break even. Our last tournament had 41 participants and we had to buy tables, chairs, chess sets and clocks to host this tournament. (With these new expenses, we will have to organize four tournaments to break even). We are lucky to share tournaments with newcomers every week. These tournaments are worth every effort because we can make these chess resources available to our community, which has never been done on this scale before.

The next step is to have our own retail space where we can continue to teach, organize school programs, summer camps, an official chess club and hold chess tournaments. While the average rent is skyrocketing, the typical monthly rent for retail space is over $5,000, reaching $10,000 for venues like the one where we host tournaments. We receive many requests from parents to open our school program in our own space. However, we cannot afford it financially without funding. With your help we can open a chess club and academy in Millburn where chess lovers and enthusiasts of all age groups can gather and play.

We are grateful to the community of Millburn for supporting us over the years. In the future, after establishing our chess club, we want to expand and bring grandmasters for guest lectures. We want to share our knowledge with everyone. You can also check out our YouTube page for free chess content:

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