I check you go to the West Belfast Chess Club mate

TWO friends who share a love of chess have come together to create West Belfast’s first official chess club.

Craig Robinson, who works as a caregiver and Aidan Garner, a student at Queen’s University, said the game has seen a resurgence and there will be an “untapped reservoir of potential”.

The duo advertised the ‘West Belfast Chess Club’ on social media and received a ‘brilliant response’.

He will hold his first “meet” on Monday evening at the Dans Bar & Lounge on Springfield Road. New members, who must be over 16, will meet, play chess, chat and discuss strategies and ideas.

Craig said he and Aidan play “a lot”.

“I’m a member of the Beechmout Residents Collective and I spoke to them about promoting a chess club in West Belfast,” he said.

“We created a page and put it on Facebook. It was a brilliant response. Every day we get a message from someone saying they want to join us.”

Craig said the first meeting would be friendly, with members getting to know each other, adding that it was open to people with or without experience.

“We ordered sets and clocks,” he said.

“We’ll set up the boards and we’ll just meet, chat and play a little chess.

“Some will be better than others. Some may not want to play a game. We also have a number of books and are happy to lend them.

“It’s about developing chess as a game in the West Belfast community.”

Aidan said many people found new love for gaming when they started playing online during lockdown.

“I fell in love with the game all over again,” he said.

“Other people, who had never played before, really got into it. West Belfast is a reservoir of untapped potential.

“There will be a lot more people playing chess now than a year or two ago. We really want to capitalize on that.”

He added: “Chess is the ultimate balance between art, sport and science.

“It’s also a lot of fun.”

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