Indian chess players Pranav Anand and Ilamparthi win titles

On Friday, India’s Pranav Anand and AR Ilamparthi became champions in the Open Under-16 and Under-14 categories at the World Youth Chess Championship.

Top seed Anand, who on Thursday became the country’s 76th grandmaster, scored nine points in 11 rounds to emerge as the clear winner. He was half a point ahead of the rest of the peloton.

Anand’s compatriot M Pranesh, who was the second seed, finished third with eight points and three more. Anand went unbeaten through 11 rounds and recorded seven wins apart from four draws. He drew his 11th and final game against Frenchman Droin Augustin after scoring against Armenian Emin Ohanyan in round 10.

Pranesh, meanwhile, has recorded six wins and four draws. However, a loss at the hands of Ohanyan in the sixth round hurt his title shots.

Like Anand, Ilamparthi was half a point ahead of the rest of the field with 9.5 points in 11 laps. Although he lost to Ukrainian Artem Berin in the fourth round, he won nine games and drew one to claim the top prize.

In the Under-18 Open event, Sohan Kamotra took 14th place with 7 points while S Harshad (6.5 points) had to settle for 24th place.

In girls, Mrittika Mallick finished fourth in the under-14 category with 8 points. Additionally, Anupam M Sreekumar and HG Pragnya secured seventh and eighth places respectively. In the women’s under-18 event, S Kanishka with 7.5 points took sixth place while Rakshitta Ravi finished eighth, also with the same number of points.

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