Chess has always been the best competitive and recreational board game that deals with using your IQ and it has been internationally recognized as the most difficult game. Chess is a game of strategy and is played between two players and is sometimes called western chess. There is no mysterious method to playing chess well: you have to focus on the right things and the results will come. In any case, what are these “good things”?

To sharpen your abilities in this captivating game, revise varieties, traditional games and work on your exam.

Nowadays, there is a huge assortment of accessible materials: recordings, programming projects, books, online chess clubs… But to be successful in your preparation, you need to know how to use these review tools.

Here are some candidates!!! is the best software to learn chess like a professional and provides user with many kinds of training tutorials to increase your thinking ability and vision.


ChessKid has also been approved as the best chess learning app, you can also learn and play the class and the app is free.

Dr Wolf

Dr. Wolf is also one of the best tutoring apps where you can learn many aspects of chess.

These are some of the best chess learning apps.

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