Liverpool’s chess game to sign Luis Díaz

Luis Díaz (Barrancas, Colombia, 1997) exploded in the last Copa Américawhen he came forward. He took advantage of this tailwind to become, from this first round, the most surprising player in the Portuguese championship: 14 goals and five assists in just 18 games. Numbers so serious that they caused the Colombian winger swap Porto for Liverpool at a rate of 45 million euros plus 15 in variables (his clause was 80), an operation which, dissected, demonstrates the rigor of the network club in its signatures.

It all started, of course, much earlier. Three seasons ago, Díaz was already on the English club’s lists as a footballer to keep in mind.. He came to Porto on the rebound from Barranquilla and lived in Portugal for two years of adaptation where his level was not yet optimal for a competition as special and competitive as the Premier League: 59 games and 12 goals. But everything changed this summer, when the winger found himself on the priority list of the sporting management led by Julian Ward.

Two months ago, contacts began led by Kiko Espinar, the Catalan scout in Spain and Portugal, with his representatives (Colombian Carlos van Strahalen and Portuguese lawyer Raúl Pais). With the endorsement of Jurgen Kloop, aware of the qualities of a striker who adapts to his attack, the priority of the red team was to hire Díaz for the summer of 2022, knowing that probably some players in his attack who will end their contract this summer or the next they could leave the club (currently the offensive zone is made up of Sadio Mané, Takumi Minamino, Diogo Jota, Roberto Firmino, Divock Origi and their big star Mohamed Salah).

But everything was rushed due to the vicissitudes of the market. Agents are convinced that due to the pattern of play, Díaz is an ideal footballer for Liverpool, Tottenham kicked off this January with an offer close to 45 million. Porto needed cash to avoid a sanction by February 1 (Liverpool were aware of these issues), the deal could opt for the London club, but Liverpool, after securing the owners’ approval, matched the offer . Díaz preferred to be with Kloop, having managed to retain the player’s agents thanks to the work of Espinar. And the operation was triggered in just 48 hoursthe tip of the iceberg of a work started months before and which, taking advantage of a market opportunity, He took the player for just 45 million to Liverpool.

It is curiously, and according to the Transfermarkt portal, the same scales of the attackers of the sports structure of Liverpool. Mané (41), Salah (42), Firmino (41) and Diogo Jota (44.7) did not reach a fixed amount of 45 million and currently between the four they have a market value of 278 millionsomething more than 100 million more than was spent, something that can happen with a Luis Díaz who in Portugal was considered just as superior as Bruno Fernandes or Joao Félix in recent years.

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