Madison’s Chess Players Enter K-12 National Championship – The Madison Record

MADISON – Seventeen members of the Madison City Chess League deepened their knowledge of the game at the K-12 National Chess Championship in Orlando, Fla. During the first weekend in December.

Rainbow Elementary School teachers Maria Adams and Rebecca McDaniel, Coach Jonathan Rasberry, MCCL Executive Director Ranae Bartlett and parents accompanied and encouraged the students to play seven rounds during three days of competition.

“Playing in a national tournament can be exhausting, but it’s also a great learning opportunity similar to an intensive chess camp where the instructors help our students learn from their games after each round,” said Bartlett. “One of the benefits of membership in the MCCL is having the support of the coaches at state and national tournaments. We thank Alabama Chess Federation President Jonathan Rasberry for coaching our children.

Discovery Middle School’s sixth-grade team with Cooper Meyer, Kate Meyer and Jack Meyer and seventh-grade student Xavier Bruni showed exceptional tournament play. “Some of the longest games have been played by Xavier Bruni, who set a personal best, placing fourth in the country in his grade level,” Bartlett said.

Bruni scored higher than the other MCCL members and finished with 5.5 pts and a clear fourth place with the first place winner of his section rated over 2300.

In other performances, Jimmy Hughes took 15th place in freshman. “Jimmy’s impressive five-point score at his first domestic tournament tied him for sixth,” Bartlett said. “In the tie-breaks, he finished 15th.

The Blitz tournament preceded the three-day main event. Esteban Jerez won first prize in the class among students rated 800-999.

For the other class winners, Alice Zou scored four points and took third place among 600-799 points. Jack Meyer scored three points and won first place among players rated below 600. Isaac Kreusser scored four points and placed third among those rated 600-799.

In the tag team competition, Rainbow’s sophomore team with Annabelle Hsu, Asher Allison and Dennis Lenski placed sixth nationally.

Reaching tenth place, the Horizon Primary School third-grade team included Kylie Zou and Esteban Jerez. Discovery’s sixth-year team reached fifth overall with triplets Cooper Meyer, Kate Meyer and Jack Meyer. “They brought out a nail rodent,” Bartlett said.

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