Male chess players refuse to surrender longer against women

A new study has found that male chess players are so eager not to lose to a woman that they play longer against female opponents. Researchers at King’s College London, who analyzed data from 79,000 matches, found that men play 8% longer to avoid the “psychological cost” of losing to a woman. The Telegraph noted that chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer once said that female players were “stupid compared to males” and “shouldn’t play chess”.

Bees can ‘ejaculate to death’ during heatwave

If UK heat wave hits 42C, bees could ‘ejaculate to death’, says Subway. When male worker bees face extremely high temperatures, their bodies begin to convulse, causing them to ejaculate their genitals out of their bodies and die from shock. “It’s pretty extreme,” said Dr. Alison McAffee, a postdoctoral fellow at UBC’s Michael Smith Laboratories who focuses on bee health.

Britain’s rudest restaurant opens

A new restaurant has opened with the aim of becoming the rudest restaurant in Britain. First launched in Sydney last year, Karen’s Diner opened in Prestwich, Greater Manchester, promising “great burgers and very rude service”. A customer had his teeth laughed at by staff, while an announcement on the loudspeaker system suggested another restaurant’s credit card had been declined. “You’ll have a really nasty time, with all the insecurities quickly skipped over,” noted The temperature.

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