Minecraft players build a playable chess game from item frames

A smart pair of Minecraft players have created a functional in-game chess set, with item frames serving as the board and specific items as pieces.

Two intelligent Minecraft-playing the siblings built an in-game chessboard using item frames. Mojang’s hugely popular survival sandbox game gives players the tools to build almost anything their mind can conjure up. Although Mojang continues to release official updates, such as Minecraft To come up Caves and cliffs part 2 update, players also continue to innovate using resources already available in the game.

Despite its launch over a decade ago, Minecraft is still supported by developer Mojang through updates and extensions. The last extension of the title, Caves and cliffs part 1, added many new features to the title’s highest peaks and lowest caverns. Various new underground minerals, such as copper and amethyst, make mining a part of Minecraft a little more robust. Meanwhile, new creatures have been added to various regions, such as the Mountain Goat and the Underwater Glow Squid. Caves and cliffs part 2, which is expected to arrive by the end of 2021, will include even more new additions such as torches and a solution to temperature conflicts from biome changes in Minecraft – which will make the generated worlds a little more realistic.


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While the official updates are great, Reddit user MastaEcoval and his brother used elements from the game to create a Minecraft chess. The game of chess uses object frames, which allow players to display their objects in plain sight. By arranging these frames in a grid, chess can be played by simply removing items and moving them to a new frame. It seems smart players use helmets as pawns, boots as towers, horse armor as knights, pants as bishops, chest armor as queen, and skeleton heads as kings. Different materials for each armor set allow the game to offer two sets of pieces in distinct colors.

the Minecraft The community seems endlessly creative, with new and quirky builds appearing even a decade after the game’s launch. Many of these versions are simple and effective, like MastaEcoval’s chess set, but other versions can be much larger. and more complex. Reddit user Eonlio recently recreated the canals of Venice, Italy, in Minecraft, using mods to make the construction even more realistic. The mods of this awesome and beautiful creation helped make the water appear more realistic and added more elements to match the iconic architecture of the city.

Create a functional chess set in Minecraft It seems like a complex task, but MastaEcoval and their brother have come up with a simple but effective solution. The use of frames of objects in the form of squares and of objects themselves in the form of pieces allows complete freedom of movement. Each element of the game also reflects its associated chess piece, with horse armor being a particularly suitable substitute for a knight. the Minecraft The player base has proven to be exceptionally creative, and MastaEcoval’s chess set seems to demonstrate this creativity.

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Minecraft is available on all platforms.

Source: MastaEcoval / Reddit

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