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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) — It’s a rare sight to see a room full of college kids that’s nearly silent. The kids inside the cafeteria at Fair Grove High School are too busy to talk, they’re playing chess.

“This is the third round of the Spring School Chess Tournament,” said Roger Pagel, a Springfield Chess Club volunteer.

Springfield Chess Club volunteer Roger Pagel kept busy during the tournament, helping young players,

“Basically all I’m trying to do is teach them the game and some of the etiquette of the game and some of the rules of the game and how to use the clock and make sure they do the right moves,” Pagel said. “I mean, there are all sorts of skill levels here.”

Pagel began playing in 1972 when his family moved to Missouri from Germany where his father was stationed. His appreciation of the game has only grown over the years.

“There’s just no way to master the game,” Pagel said. “It’s not like bowling, where you can throw a 300. We’re always going to make a mistake somewhere, no matter how good you are.”

Pagel said it’s a game of skill that requires the discipline of an athlete.

“Well, that’s a debate we’ve had for a long time,” Pagel said. “We chess players consider it a sport. It’s not a physical sport, but it’s physically demanding, when you get really good, because you have to sit for five hours and it’s hard to sit for five hours and maintain a very high level of concentration.

The Springfield Chess Club meets every Friday night from 7-11 p.m. at the South Side Senior Center on Freemont. Everyone is welcome, regardless of skill or age, and the event is free. To learn more about the Springfield Chess Club, click here.

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