Murrumbidgee Regional High School Chess Club suffered a close loss to Hennessy Catholic College | News from the region

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The Murrumbidgee Regional High School chess team was once again narrowly denied first place, coming painfully close to gold for the second time in two years. The squad consisted of team captain Alani Langi, Jerville Rala, Luca Brighenti and Dylan Litchfield with Jake Roberts and Seth Bartrop on reserve. While they played admirably and made it to the final without too much trouble, Hennessy Catholic College won the final with three wins from four games. Team coordinator Fiona Painting noted that the MRHS team was younger than the teams they competed against, but added that this could give them the edge next year. “We played Karingal the other day and beat them. They were all 12 year olds…we are two 11 year olds, one 9 year old and one 8 year old.” The team was also a finalist last year, with the same group competing. Luca Brighenti hopes to see the same team enter next year for a long-awaited victory. “We will still have the whole team hopefully… The rest of the team did very well, they all got up and did their best. Next year will be our year, that’s is on.” Mr. Brighenti has been playing chess since kindergarten after his grandfather taught him. He added that his long-term goal is still to beat his grandfather in a game. When asked for advice for anyone new to chess and interested in learning it, he emphasized the three ‘Ps’. “It’s the long haul. You get there eventually, it’s a matter of practice, patience and perseverance,” he said. READ MORE Miss Painting said it was great to have the chess team at MRHS, and she was delighted to see so many students interested in picking it up. “It’s a small, fairly competitive process, we announce trials every year. We had 38 kids on trial this year, it took about a week to choose them… It’s good for this school, because it’s such a sporty school so it’s great to have a team doing well in something that isn’t a contact sport,” she said. Our reporters work hard to provide news local and up-to-date to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


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