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Paradise Chess Club is a tribute to Oscar Maldonado, an amazing chess player and national master, by his wife Yana St-Jean from Napoli. Yana and David Dude from Marco Island, te co-founder of the club, wants to share and promote chess with the Goodland and Marco Island community so that people can come and play together in friendly social matches. Both believe it’s a great way to exercise one’s cognitive abilities and they too would also like to invite young players.

According to Yana, they chose the Paradise Found restaurant for their weekly Saturday meetings because it has a nice outdoor location by the water, which is very serene.. It was also because the owner Jim Paradise has been kind enough to allow the club to host his meeting from 12:30 p.m. PM – 3h30 PM Every Saturday.

Yana grew up in Alaska and learned to play chess when she was 7 years old. She shared this she always loved the game chess and to played throughout elementary, high school and college, and that vshess has helped me do well in school and in business and i have enjoyed sharing this with many students over the years.”

Yana met her husband Oscar Maldonado orf 28 at Washington Square Park Chess Park in New York, and spent their entire marriage running chess clubs. Ffirst of all, the california chess club where Oscar also coached several junior world championships. In 2012 they moved to South Florida where Oscar founded and sponsoreded Broward Chess Club. They also ran many extracurricular chess clubs and Oscar advocated for chess as an optional subject in the school curriculum.

Yana said that chess Igained popularity among K-12 students because parents recognize the benefits of chess, especially in early childhood. Eexperts have stated that youIn addition, the brain is used and challenged during early childhood, the more pathways are formed and created. Same reason why chess is also a great tool for the elderly to retain cognitive functions.

On a whim, the author and her husband Charlie, a beginner chess player, visited the Paradise Chess Club just to Check it out. Charlie ended up playing a set with Yana and she took it gently on him. Michael from Chicago also joined the grouphe said he had played chess all his life and was in partnership with David Mech. Several interested people also stopped by the table. Boards and pieces are available, but you can also bring your own.

In Marco Island, Wade Keller founded on Marco Island Chess Club and had a very active pre-COVID K-12 group of students. For Wade, from a personal point of view, he wanted to create a long duration Appreciation of the game of chess. Wade plans to resume the Mark Chess club in mid-January-February for 2021.

When aasked about the popularity of chess with K-12 students, Wade replied that chess is very popular for two reasons. charter sschools and private schools are very good at using games to help students learn. Chess teaches you pWarning and yougo hiking. While a player sits there and watches 64 squares, he/she is not bored. He thinks, anticipates and waits patiently for the other player to make a move. Patience is a great lesson for children to learn.

The Athe author asked, Ohat is so special ‘Tthe Queen’s Gambit wwith 62 million viewers and the sales of cheesessboards Crossing the roof make chess popular again.

Wade replied, There are something very special about a queen, there is something very special about a girl prodigy, and there is something very special about a womanan win the ORussian World Championship.” The last U.S. the chess phenomenon was Bobby Fisvsher in 1975. The Russians owned the chess world, and it was Fisherman who broke this dominance. We can dream !

Paradise Chess Club Meetings every Saturday at the Paradise Found restaurant at 401 Papaye Street, Ffrom 12:30 p.m. PM 3h30 PM. All ages and levels are welcome. For information, email Yana at [email protected], or call 954-918-2302.

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