Passed Pawn Chess Club in the lead

Passed Pawn Chess Club consists of Women’s International Master (WIM) Sachini Ranasinghe (Captain), WIM Nelunika Metmani, WIM from India B Shri Savitha, WFM Dasuni Hansika Mendis and WCM Sanudula Dahamdi won first place in Chess Championships women’s online CFSL team on Sunday.

The Passed Pawn team scored a total of 14 match points out of a possible 14, winning all 7 of its matches convincingly. They beat Negombo Chess Academy (4-0), SABRA Women’s CC (4-0), Castle Siege CC (4-0), Mayor’s Chess Club (3 ½ – ½ ), Black Knight Chess Club (3-1), Kriegspiel Chess Academy (4-0) and Super Fighters CC (2 ½ -1 ½ ) in convincing fashion.

Mayor’s Chess Club with KaveeshaIndrajith, HMMD Herath, WIM of India Michelle Catherine, BSMT Cooray and DADT Srilal played well to reach second place with 12 match points out of 14. They lost to Passed Pawns (½ – 3 ½ ) but beat all other 6 teams they met, Black Knight Chess Club– Ruby (4-0) (2 ½ -1 ½ ), Kriegspiel Chess Academy (4-0) Black Knight Chess Club (2 ½ -1 ½ ), Castle Siege CC(3-1), Zugzwang Queen (4-0) and Queen Star Chess Academy A (4-0) to score 12 points.

Ambalangoda’s Kriegspiel Chess Academy team finished in third place while Black Knight Chess Club and Castle Siege Chess Club tied for 4th place with 9 points each, but Black Knight CC got 4th place on the best tie-breaking points which is the total of the individual points scored by the players. (DR)

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