Petoskey Chess Club back in action

PETOSKEY – Ten of the players from the Petoskey District Library Chess Club eagerly gathered to compete in a two-hour chess tournament on the board on Tuesday, April 12. The evening tournament was the club’s first chessboard tournament since the start of the 2020 pandemic. It took place on the second floor of the Carnegie Building, across from the library.

To prepare for the tournament, players have been meeting on Mondays, every week since fall 2021, playing fun games with each other and learning new tactics and strategies in the process. On the Monday before the tournament, they honed their skills in checkmate, stalemate and interposition to prevent checkmate.

The tournament consisted of four rounds and lasted approximately two hours. The players played well, taking all the time necessary to think about their moves by not moving too fast and not ending their game in a stalemate. Each player had at least one win. Digital clocks have been placed at the site of several games to facilitate timing. The players also practiced annotating their games.

Luke Kendziorski took first place with four out of four wins, Brooke Knickerbocker took second place with three wins, only losing to first-place Kendziorski in the final round, and Graham Wertman, also a three-game winner, took third. in tiebreakers. Graham claimed the tournament’s fastest victory, taming one of his opponents in four strokes.

There was a fourth-place tie between Henk Boerman and Carl Nolan. Anna Knickerbocker came in fifth, Ellie Daniel took sixth with the remaining three players Jacob Rose, Cora Wertman and Cameron Lorence tied for seventh with one win apiece.

The next tournament is scheduled for Tuesday, May 10 with the year-end all-day championship tournament scheduled for Saturday, June 18.

The club continued to meet in 2020 via zooms and quick tournaments on during lockdown. Quick Tournaments have continued online even now that the club is meeting in person again.

The club is run by three adults who enjoy playing chess, Robert Bemben and Robin Ray who founded the club in 2011, and chess expert Adam Masek from Alanson who has been a volunteer at the club for several years now.

For the past few years, the club has entered players into United States Chess Federation and Michigan Chess Association tournaments statewide, and hopes players will start doing so again in the near future as more in-person tournaments are offered.

The club meets every Monday from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. and offers a drop-in program for players ages 8 to 18.

Players of all levels are welcome.

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