‘Sour loser?’: Robot opponent breaks child’s finger during game of chess, watch viral video

Image source: TWITTER/@DAVENEWWORLD_2 Viral video of a robot playing chess

A chess-playing robot grabbed his 7-year-old opponent’s finger and broke it during last week’s Moscow chess tournament, Russian media reported on Monday. “The robot broke the child’s finger,” Sergei Lazarev, chairman of the Moscow Chess Federation, told Russian news agency TASS. “Of course it’s bad.”

A video shared on social media shows the robot taking one of the boy’s pieces, then grabbing his finger as he tries to move. Four adults then rush in, struggling to free the boy before dragging him away from the chessboard.

Watch the viral video below:

Lazarev said the chess federation has rented the robot which has appeared in many previous events without incident. He said the boy could play again the next day and finished the tournament with his finger in a cast.

The video shocked netizens. While some users found the incident funny, others showed sympathy towards the child. One user wrote: “Jesus… A robot broke a child’s finger during a chess tournament in Moscow. There is no violence in chess, they said.” Another said: “Whoever designed this didn’t take safety into consideration. Safety protection is most important. At the very least, they should have used a slower collaborative robot.”

Check out some other reactions below:

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The video is widely shared on social media platforms.

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