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The Student Senate voted unanimously to relaunch the Eastern Chess Club on Wednesday night at the 7th Street Underground.

The Chess Club has been inactive for the past five years, and senior interpersonal communications officer Julian Barbieri introduced emergency bill 21-22-04 in the Senate to bring the Chess Club back as a student organization. recorded active, RSO.

Barbieri, who came to Eastern as a junior transfer student, noticed in his freshman year the lack of a chess club that is popular in high schools and colleges.

“I came here last year, and I went to a chess club in high school, and I really enjoyed it,” Barbieri said. “But when I got here I learned that unfortunately our chess club had been inactive for about five years since the last student started it. So this year I made it my plan to do Chess Club one thing.

The Chess Club has been meeting informally weekly since the middle of the fall 2021 semester with approximately six people attending each meeting.

At each meeting, the students present play games of chess or learn to play chess from Barbieri or other students.

The Senate voted 19-0 to revive the Chess Club and list the club as an official and active RSO.

The Senate unanimously approved that Freshman Connections become an RSO.

Freshman Connection is a mentorship program for incoming freshmen and transfer students to help new students adjust to campus, have a mentor to ask questions, and an opportunity to make friends with similar interests.

Freshman Connections wishes to become an RSO to increase awareness of the number of incoming students to the program before beginning classes at Eastern.

Freshman Connections expects the number of student participants to increase next year as in-person orientations resume this semester.

The Senate voted 19-0 to approve Freshman Connections becoming an RSO.

The Senate plans to issue date-rape drug cards, which change color in response to the presence of drugs in a drink, in the week leading up to the unofficial March 5.

Unofficial is held annually in Eastern to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a house-crawl type party.

The Senate appointed three new senators to the Senate: Cyan Carter, Megan Thompson and Onyekachi Okoh.

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