The Northwich Chess Club returns in person

A chess club has finally made its triumphant return to life in Northwich after the pandemic forced it to close its doors more than 18 months ago.

The Northwich Chess Club recently reunited at their new venue – the Gladstone Club – where players were once again able to test their abilities against other powerful competitors in person.

Between closings, loyal members were able to keep busy by playing several competitions online at the popular free registration site

Richard Betts, a player and spokesperson for the Northwich Chess Club, said: “In February last year I played my last competitive chess match against league leader Atherton. I lost.

“Over 18 months later, I have had my chance to get my revenge as normal failures return after Covid.

“In the blackout, I hosted online tournaments on the two most popular platforms – and

“Like many others, I was captivated by the exploits of Beth Harmon in The Queen’s Gambit – courtesy of Netflix.

“And yes, I’ve played chess online a lot. But you can’t beat the real one.”

In preparation for the reopening, Northwich Chess Club enlisted the digital marketing agency Cheshire Cat Marketing to assist with various marketing aspects.

To help the club really thrive after such a difficult time, this support has been completely free.

Rhiannon Birch, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Cheshire Cat Marketing, said: “We were passionate about bringing people together after so much time in isolation.

“So to help our community reconnect, we decided to offer our services for free while supporting a brilliant nonprofit with a much needed digital overhaul.

“A lot of people have never played chess on the chess board – only online – so we wanted to help the Northwich Chess Club bring these people together in person through an online medium.

“Now that they are back up and running, they can continue to hire new generations of chess players.”

Northwich Chess Club is open every Monday from 7:30 p.m. for all levels.

The Northwich Junior Chess Club will open on Saturday October 16 at Victoria Road Primary School from 9:30 am.


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