Ukraine is a ‘pawn in the chess game’ of the United States, says Australian professor on Moscow-Kiev conflict

Tensions along the Ukraine-Russia border have continued to escalate after Moscow deployed more than a million troops to the Eastern European region since October last year . In light of the situation, as the West continues to note Russia’s aggressive behavior against Kiev, a professor emeritus from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Joseph Camilleri, explained why the United States is concerned about the speculation about a potential “Russian threat” and its consequences. . Speaking to Sputnik, Professor Cammileri said: “The United States is playing a leading role…to put the Russian side on its back”, adding that Ukraine is “a pawn in the game of American Chess”.

Asked for his opinion on the main objective of the West and the possible blowback, despite Russia claiming that it does not want to invade Ukraine, Professor Camilleri said: “I think they ( the United States) want to protest against this position and they want to feel , on the Russian side on the back. That’s what they are trying to do. And the question is: how will this situation be handled by the two parties so that nothing unpleasant happens in any part of Europe.” Since US intelligence officials detected the buildup of troops on the Ukraine-Russia border, the US has helped warn Moscow of potential sanctions in the event of an attack on Kiev’s sovereignty. Nevertheless, Russia has repeatedly refuted the allegations, saying it had no intention of undermining Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

“Russia has stated that it has no intention of doing so and therefore none of these threats are expected to materialize. But, nevertheless, the fact that this has happened, that these threats have been made creates a tense situation. And I think the backlash is that it prevents and promotes dialogue and a constructive relationship in Europe and that can have wider implications beyond Europe,” said Professor Joseph Camilleri, Emeritus of La Trobe University, quoted by Sputnik.

Explaining the inversely proportional relationship between the backlash of Russian and Western threats, Europe in particular, Professor Camilleri explained that “I could backfire in terms of increased instability in Europe, and that doesn’t will benefit neither Western Europe nor Eastern Europe, Ukraine included, (creating) greater tension outside of Europe.” He also stressed the importance of Russian-American dialogue for the resolution of conflicts, including the Middle East as well as the Iranian nuclear program.

Ukraine is the “pawn in the chess game” of the United States

Russia has often accused the United States of “alarmist” behavior with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, saying Washington is stoking hysteria around the situation on Eastern Europe’s borders. Referring to the same, Professor Camilleri said: “I think the United States is interested in Ukraine in the sense that Ukraine is the final nail, so to speak, it is the final price. that they would like to have at the end”. When asked if Russia and China could develop a strategic partnership to confront the United States, he added:

“It’s a pawn in a game of chess that they’re trying to play, but I think by doing it the way they’re doing it could well in the very near future bring China and Russia even closer together in this domain.”

In the latest development on the Moscow-Kiev conflict, the United States and NATO sent a written response to Russia on the list of security demands it made last December. The list included the exclusion of Ukraine, a former Soviet nation, from joining the international military bloc, in addition to the withdrawal of NATO troops from post-1997 borders and the limitation of the deployment of the weapons system. On the other hand, countries like the UK and Canada have given financial and technical assistance to Kiev in an effort to deter Russian aggression.

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