With four extra squares, this chess game has a sure winner!

Ambiguity casts a shadow over the ambition to win. This most often happens in a game of chess. A game on an ordinary chess board can end in a tie, but one is sure to emerge victorious in the case of “Giraffe Chess”.

Born in Proddatur of Kadapa district, the International Giraffe Chess Federation (IGCF) has come a long way in terms of acceptability and notoriety. The new form of the game owes its existence to siblings N. Saikiran Reddy and N. Bhagyasri, who invented it in 2012. As high school students, they played chess with enthusiasm, but most games fell ended in a stalemate when a player’s king was facing. threatens. The duo decided to add four more squares, two on each side, to bring the total number to 68, giving the game a decisive end.

“India gave chess to the world and now we are giving a better version of it again,” quips Bhagyasri, who is studying a master’s degree (English) at Sri Venkateswara University in Tirupati, while his brother Saikiran Reddy is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Bengaluru. . While most games like cricket or football have a decisive ending, the draw is common in chess. “A drawn-out game without any trace of victory not only undermines players’ morale, but also causes disinterest in spectators. Giraffe chess overcomes these problems,” Saikiran remarked. “It is a step above the tie. Also, a conclusive result will come out in five minutes of our game,” Ms Bhagyasri explained.

In a bid to encourage his children in their new field, their father N. Gangadhar Reddy registered the IGCF in 2018 to popularize the game. After 102 tournaments at the city level of Proddatur, the duo held 76 experimental tournaments in Chennai. Based on the response, they organized the Kadapa District League as a twelve-day event. “We received acceptance of players from Afghanistan, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Nepal, Mozambique and the Philippines when we staged the first World Cup,” said Saikumar Reddy.

The siblings have also made the game available on Google Playstore, which any Android phone user can download and play with the computer. With ambitious plans to stage the inaugural World Cup, the duo are waiting for the COVID-19 situation to end.

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